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My API key has been suspended, can I get unsuspend?
Depends, if your API key got suspended for "Inactive" we will unsuspend your API.If your key got leaked, there is a small chance your key gets unsuspended.
I lost my password, how can I recover it?
Go to https://webresolver.nl/resetPassword to reset your password.If you don't have access to the email you used, please create a ticket here https://support.webresolver.nl/index.php?a=add&catid=8
Someone leaked his API key
In case of leaked API keys please create a ticket and provide as much details you can. Don't forget to include the involved API key.
Am I allowed to share my account / API?
No. If you do, your account will be suspended, permanent.
What is an API key?
With an API key you can add our services to your website or program.But if you don't know what an API is, you probably don't need one.
How do I change my API key?
Login at https://www.webresolver.nl/signin Go to your 'email address' > Settings Check the checkbox from 'Change key' and press 'Save'
API Key returns 403 Forbidden error
Due security reasons it's required to use a valid and normal user-agent.So you need to set up a user-agent before you can do such requests. Have you set a user-agent and does it still not work ?Create...
I don't have any connections left on my API
By default everyone gets 75 connections. This to avoid abuse of our API services. If you ran out of connections, it could have the possible reasons:- You didn't proxied your API- You direct hit the AP...
I have activated my key why can't I use it right away?
You've completed stage 1 / 2. Your key is awaiting for a review by an admin from Webresolver.nl. The first stage is confirming your email address. Once you've confirmed this, we get notified to review...
Who do your IP loggers log Cloudflare IP's instead of the real IP from the user?
Depending on where you have posted your link, most services make proxy requests to get meta data from the link you have posted. Let's take Discord for example. Discord uses proxy to get and build embe...