I have activated my key why can't I use it right away?

You've completed stage 1 / 2. Your key is awaiting for a review by an admin from Webresolver.nl. The first stage is confirming your email address. Once you've confirmed this, we get notified to review the application. Everyone must have good intentions of using our services. If we find your application good enough, we accept and activate your account and you are ready to use our API's. If we find your application suspicious for various reasons, we have the right to decline or withhold your application for as long needed to come to a decision. If you use fake or temporary email services, your account will be declined no matter what your intentions are with our API tools.

All registrations are reviewed within 24-48 hours after you have confirmed your email address, once we've made our decision, you will receive an email. If you didn't receive anything after 48 hours, please do contact the support so we can take a look.

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