I don't have any connections left on my API

By default everyone gets 75 connections. This to avoid abuse of our API services. If you ran out of connections, it could have the possible reasons:

- You didn't proxied your API
- You direct hit the API service with several IP's
- Your key has been leaked and someone else is using it

As far as we know, we don't think you should use 75 IP's to connect to your API. It works as followed; 1 IP (server, direct hit) counts as connections+1. So if you use several IP's for example, 10 different IP's, it will count as connections+10, because of the 10 different IP's. To not ran over your connections, make sure you have proxied your API. For example, let your server handles the requests. It avoids your visitors to direct hit your API.

In case of suspensions, create a new ticket.

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