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Is it possible to delete myself from the leaked database?
Yes you can.Go to https://webresolver.nl/removalRequest and fill in the form.You will receive an email to confirm it, once your email has been confirmed you will be removed.
My IP does not change when I try to resolve myself?
We cache all IP's for 2 hours, after that the cache will be deleted and you should be able to see the IP change.If you want to clear the resolver cache you can go to https://webresolver.nl/clearCache ...
How does the Skype resolver work?
Unfortunately we can't tell you that.
Why do I get 'Unable to resolve this username!'?
There are serveral reasons why the resolve fails: The user is not online. The user is online, but he/she is using Skype on mobile or web Firewall The servers are currently busy with other resolves If ...
What is the difference between cached and database IP?
After the live resolve succeed, we will cache it for 2 hours. If the resolve fails, we will check in our database for possible entries. If a entry has been found, it will show the IP we stored in the ...